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video blogging??

I kind of want to start video blogging (on youtube), mostly to help me slowly get over my fear of public speaking. and recording my voice. and recording myself. ;p

really I don’t think I have a problem talking to people in general.. it’s just for some reason when I’m put in front of an audience my social skills disappear and I panic..

problem is I’m not even sure what I’d video blog about. xD I can’t do any of the normal cool blog things like makeup and dancing haha.. maybe outfit blogs? err.. I don’t even know what else

what do you guys think? yes or no? and if so, what would you like to see? c;

  1. l-saurus said: i am in the same situation I want to stard Vblogging to share my artistic mind and create for fun so i don’t just stick to university work but i don’t if i should or not or if it would help
  2. ayapus said: Show off your outfits, rant about random things, anything really~ I trust anything you are interested in would be fun to watch. *v*
  3. kelzyelzy said: YOUR FASHIONS and cute things you make :D, I think its a cool idea to get over fear of public speaking
  4. szmoon posted this
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