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Chubby Bunny x Spank! Fashion Show at Sweet Streets - Part 2

Part 1 is here, I won’t repeat much to save space on your dashboards. ;p

So on November 19th I got the amazing opportunity to model for the Spank! and Chubby Bunny fashion show at the Sweet Streets: Art Exhibition. :D Here is a photo of all the models in the dressing room just before the show… (Photos watermarked “Tadatime.com” are by Dave Tada.)

So much pastel, and I got to meet so many awesome, creative people. c;

Here is Yume clearing the runway before the show (I think at least, my dad took this photo so I can’t know for sure :p He also took the rest of the photos with the szmoon.net watermark~). There were too many people for capactiy so a lot of them had to wait outside. :c

The show begins! Michelle of Chubby Bunny and Tavuchi of Spank!

The models went out in pairs in five different themes. Kellie and India went first as the Cheerleader Girls. They had such fun poses each time they stopped~

Next cam Shannie and Bryanna as the Candy Girls! The passed out Sweet Streets chocolates to the audience.

Ahh! Anneline and I were third as the Bubble Girls. I was soooooo nervous I don’t think I can even explain how much.

(I’ve kind of explained in the past how terrified I am of public speaking.. but over the past year I have been trying to make myself more confident. Especially in the past half year I’ve been purposely putting myself into situations I’m uncomfortable/terrified of to make myself less scared.. I think it might be working little by little??)

But anyway, here’s me and Anneline! :D

Blowing bubbles~~

And another photo of us, sorry. ;p

Next came Sydney and Amanda as the Pop Idol Girls. They looked like they walked right out of the Jem tv show (I haven’t actually watched it before). Their hair colors went perfectly with their outfits. I think this is one of my favorite photos that my dad took…

And finally it was Mandy and Sandy as the Unicorn Girls. c; I think their outfits were my absolute favorite. It’s kind of hard to see in this photo but they both have rainbow unicorn neck wraps. *o*

And then we all came out again and popped party poppers~ I chose this photo since Tavuchi and Michelle looked like they were having so much fun, haha.

Afterward we went outside for the people who weren’t able to get in yet. I love these photos, so much rainbow pastel…

And that’s the end of part 2. :] The next and last post about Sweet Streets will be about everything after the runway show. c;

(link to Part I)

  1. cowbabyteardrops said: Awee how super CUTE!! You were the cutest imo, although I didnt go ; A ; but your super cute!!! I’m so happy to hear that your trying to get over your fear of public speaking! I can relate!! I’m SOO shy!! I wish I could do something like this!
  2. szmoon posted this
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