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Chubby Bunny x Spank! Fashion Show at Sweet Streets - Part 1

(link to Part II)

Somehow I got the amazing opportunity to model for Spank! and Chubby Bunny this past Saturday at the Sweet Streets: Art Exhibition opening. The day was a blur of rainbow pastel colors, nervousness and new friends! I met so many awesome, talented people and gained so many new experiences. c;

I realized that I have too many photos in one post, so I’m going to split the day into three parts: before the show, the fashion show itself and after the show. :] Let’s start on Part 1, the preparation for the fashion show!

So before I booked my flight, my dad decided to come with me. This turned out to be a good things because apparently you can’t rent cars until you are 25, and not having to deal with public transit saved me some stress during the busy weekend! He had the idea of taking a photo of me on the way to my first “real” modeling job.. we are silly sometimes (silly because I had to turn around and walk back in order to get the shot). :p

After I arrived to WWA Gallery, I got to meet some of the other models who had already gotten there. :D I was a little nervous at first, but everyone was so friendly and we started bonding pretty quickly~

After the models all got there, we started our first rehearsal for the show. We’re wearing the hairbows so that we can practice with their weight (photo below by Kellie Dot Jpg). ;p The pastel begins!

Here’s Michelle trying to decide on how the bubbles will work~ My partner Anneline and I were the Bubble Girls, so we used them during the show (photo below by Kellie Dot Jpg).

First practice!

The Bubble Punch boombox! (super fangirling, haha…)

Sandy and Anneline looking at the display of pieces by Onch Movement and Shojono Tomo in the gallery.

Kaytea and Kazu of [a]narchy start working on everyone’s hair. They did so many creative styles throughout the day, my favorites were when they added colorful extensions. :]]

Here are “before” photos of Anneline and me! ;p

Amanda getting her makeup done as one of the Pop Idol Girls~ The makeup artists were using Sugarpill Cosmetics (so bright and lovely!). :] I loved the colors in this photo..

Sydney and her Pop Idol Girl makeup. :] I found out later that day that she’s also studying New Media, so cool haha.

The Pop Idol Girls all dressed up~

I think the Unicorn Girls (Sandy and Mandy, below) had my favorite outfits.They both had rainbow unicorn wraps! *o*

Shannie, Mandy and Bryanna being fierce.

Look at all our leggings and shoes~~

Anneline and I were some of the last to get our hair and makeup done (which might have been good because it meant I didn’t have as much time to touch my face and ruin all their pretty work :p ). Here is our “after” photo!

And that’s the end of Part 1, whooo! This day was so lovely, it’s fun reliving it through blogging. c; I’ll work on getting parts 2 and 3 up soon~

(link to Part II)

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